Wondering if Sardinia is a disabled friendly location? Well, there is much to do yet however, this is part of Healthcare Sardinia mission,.

In fact, we are creating a privileged environment to develop a special channel of assistance and accommodation to help and take care of people with mental and physical disabilities making them enjoy tourism experiences. “Life in Sardinia is perhaps the best a man can wish for himself: 24 thousand square Kilometres of woodland, lush countryside, astonishing coasts plunged into a stunning turquoise sea. Exactly what I would praise God for, to give us as heaven.”

These are words of the Italian songwriter Fabrizio De André! And we do want to propose its thought that Healthcare Sardinia shares completely working to promote the island Beauty for everyone, breaking limits and barriers with the goal of creating a TOURISM ACCESSIBLE TO ALL

How do we get to the point?

  • Throughout a careful research of accommodations solution in accessible places, fully equipped and structured to make people staying the most comfortable and cozy;
  • Offering a wide range of alternative routes accessible for electric and motorized wheelchairs
  • Providing and hiring disability aids;
  • Proposing mental rehab services with breathtaking location accommodations allowing a real detox action from the stressful daily life
  • Digital detox path in top level quality standards allowing to feel free from the common digital addiction growing in our lives and society.

All of these –  and beyond –  will be soon available ON LINE!

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