Rent a car in Sardinia

Renting a car for short periods is one of traveller and medical tourists favourite transport since it allows them to maximise the tourist experiences in one of the beautiful destination where they will also undertake medical treatments. Our staff will take care of all your needs selecting for you the best rent a car or private chauffeur (known in Italy as NCC) to let you live a really unique experience.

Tours in Sardinia

The unspoilt nature of Sardinia at your hand! There is no trip, although you undertake it because of medical cares, which does not include unforgettable experiences to take home as souvenirs.  Our island is an excellent charming and glamorous destination with unspoilt nature, tracked trails, breathtaking landscapes and secret coves easy to reach. We partner with professional tourist guides around Sardinia that will guide you to discover unconventional places and living unforgettable moments. Are you ready to leave?


When we undertake a trip to undertake medical treatments we might need to buy something we didn’t bring with us or we didn’t think of.

Furthermore, to stay in a place where we can have great shopping as an extraordinary effect on our health, even more if it occurs during a journey and when we are on holidays.

Sardinia shopping offer is based upon a wide selection of boutiques, international brands, fully equipped malls, high quality handcraft and local design.

Contact us to start planning your shopping day.

Rent a bike in Sardinia

In the best spots of stunning Sardinia, nearby our clinics and facilities you will find a network of partner where you can rent a bike. Among our services, additional to the medical tourism packages, this is one of the most popular allowing our guests to plan their activities in Sardinia on time. Between a session and a treatment, a visit at the clinic and a delicious dinner, you might find great pleasure into riding a bike and doing some mild fitness to help your medical cares and feel in good shape admiring our island unique landscapes.

Hairdresser & Beauty Center

Everyone wants to feel tidy and beautiful, even more when on holidays. Travelling to undertake medical cares doesn’t mean to stop taking care of themselves. If you will decide to contact us that means you really love yourself and your wellness really matters. In case you need a beauty center or an hairdresser for a cool blow dry, our staff will find the best professionals in town.  You won’t have to think of nothing boring, we will be there to make your Sardinia journey one to remember.

Choose Sardinia to get back in excellent shape

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