Healthcare Sardinia is a project created by two young Sardinians fond of tourism and deeply in love with their homeland, the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Our professional training achieved across the years pushed us to give a contribution promoting our island and its excellences with a completely new approach based into the connection between 2 fields which are strongly interconnected: healthcare and tourism.

Our aim is to become an hub  for well-being combining the best hospitality in terms of style and services with an high level healthcare assistance exploiting the great potential of Made in Italy. In fact, the so-called Italian Style is highly appreciated worldwide and Sardinia certainly holds a special place thanks to its beautiful environment, unique flavours, cultural and historical heritage and a strong identity, derived from ancient traditions.

At the same time we would like to offer a wide range of medical services and facilities among which we select the best professionals and facilities.

High quality standards is a distinctive value of Healthcare Sardinia medical facilities proposed. which also provides patients and their companions with exclusive accommodations, fully equipped,  located in strategic positions to easily reach medical facilities and medical centres.

strong and solid concept of hospitality certainly marks Sardinia and one of our goals is to give an image of the island made of excellence, reason why we have also created a privileged channel for disability tourism, thanks to the cooperation with reliable specialised partners.

Healthcare Sardinia treats the patient with great care and attention, making feel him comfortable and assisted from the first moment he chooses the treatments needed, passing through the choice of the best accommodation for him and his companion ending up with a set of further useful services!


Contact us and we will be happy to create the most customised offer to answer your needs!


We invite you to choose your services and afterwards the following step will be to welcome you in our beautiful Sardinia!