Hair transplantation – FUE surgery
At I Mulini medical center, Hair Transplant comes only after the trichology specialist doctor has given his ok.

The purpose is that of offering a serious and professional service to ensure patients the right care and listening together with the best solutions to solve permanently his boldness problem.

The activity at I Mulini  Medical Center is structured the following way:

Preliminary meeting

In order to identify the patient needs and the chances of undertaking the transplant effectively. During the meeting with specialists at I Mulini Medical Center,  the patient discusses in details the most suitable transplant method for his own boldness problem. The aim is that of solving definitively the problem,  guaranteeing assistance in every stage of the process and most of all obtaining the highest satisfaction of the patient.


At this stage, the patient must provide evidence of his ematic routine in order to exclude the presence of issues that might be an obstacle pre-operation. Once the patient eligibility ha been clarified, I Mulini Medical Centre professionals inform the patient of the operation steps and follow up treatments. Furthermore, at this stage, a range of picture is taken in order to show the patient where his hairs will be implanted.  These pictures are crucial since they give the patient evidence of his pre-operation situation and what happens next. In fact, images are capable to show thee patient how the FSE technique of Hair auto-transplant is effective to solve the problem permanently.

To sum up, a good planning prepares the ground for a successful operation thanks to the fact that, at this stage, the patient has matured the right awareness with the help of medical specialists giving them the best ground to operate smoothly.

First step

In this stage a sample of bulbs is taken from the donor area. In most cases this operation is painless, however a local anaesthetic is given to the patient to avoid the minimum ache and the bulbists (specialides in the bulbs collection and implant) could work with calm. The extraction is scar free.

Second step

This stage consists in the hair roots implant and lasts 3-5 hours in average.

The areas where the hairs will be transplanted starting from the front line are anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic. After the roots dimensions and depth ave been calculated micro cuts where bulbs are implanted following carefully the waves of patient hairs can follow a natural effect.

Hair growth

The last stage that satisfies the patient most from the second month onward, is when the hairs start growing again. The process will be complete after about one year.
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