Grey’s Anatomy about Sardinia: a place to live better and longer

How shall we ignore Dr. Meredith Grey love declaration for Sardinia, said during one of Grey’s Anatomy  episodes… We would like to believe in each of her words of course, especially when she says that Cancer does not exist in the island, neither Alzheimer…However, apart from these dreams, the message given by the TV series is certainly close to reality: life in Sardinia is healthier and longer than anywhere else!

Sardinia is living a vibrant moment from a touristic point of view and last summer results, as well as the ones expected for the forthcoming season clearly show that among the most appreciated aspects related to an experience in Sardinia is the incredible longevity of the inhabitants. Life quality and food are among the secrets of Sardinian longevity so common in the inland. Here the tendency is to eat self produced foods following nutritional behaviours which are certainly healthier than those given by the great distribution. This topic is under the evaluation of many studies and researches, which we are going to share with regular updates through this blog!

Let’s go back to Grey’s Anatomy video, to that moment when a patient ask Dr. Grey, whether her biggest wish is to live in the countryside in order to be really happy! This certainly points out on the importance of living a life based on the relationship between man and nature.

To conclude, Sardinia is certainly the right location not only for your holiday, but also as destination of medical tourism. Healthcare Sardinia’s main purpose is to invite people to take the advantage of medical care of a very high quality and enjoy the island during post recovery staying, in the beautiful landscape of an island, which only waits to be  discovered!

Stay tuned…until next post!!

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