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An increasing number of Italian and European citizens go abroad to access medical services and find new ways of well-being related to precise therapies and health services.  A new way of travelling that combines a proper tourism experience with the best medical cares and sanitary facilities of aesthetic surgery, dentistry, gynaecology, urology and much more. Thanks to the quality of doctors and clinics affiliated, Sardinia will become the best destination to take care of yourself and keep living with your best smile!

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Integral-Pelvic Organ Prolapse Suspension (I-POPS)

The prolapse of pelvic organs is the discent of vaginal walls, uterus and quite often of bladder and rectum. One of the most frequent symptoms is the perception of discent downward of uterus and vagina, as a foreign body.
Birth and menopause are the most common causes of the prolapse, nevertheless obesity, cough, chronic constipation and heavy work activities must be taken into account among the causes.

The aim of the surgical operation to solve the problem of the pelvic organs’ prolapse is to improve women’s quality of life. However the techiques nowadays mostly used for this operation request a postoperative recovery of 4/7 days and they often keep urinary and defecation problems unsolved.

Great results have been reached in this field thanks to the laparoscopic techniques, which allow surgeons to have a less invasive therapeutic approach, respecting anatomy and functionality of pelvic organs.

Since more than 5 years Dr. Nardo Tola works on the correction of the pelvic organs proplapse almost exclusively with laparoscopy, preferably keeping the uterus thanks to the operation called I-POPS:

Integral-Pelvic Organ Prolapse Suspension.

This operation consists in the suspension of vagina and/or uterus and of sigma-rectum through a mesh of a synthetic biocompatible material (used in plastic surgery), made of a central part plus 2, 4 or 6 side arms.
In most of cases uterus is kept and relocated in its anatomic seat.
The uterus preservation avoids a lot of psycological disturbances that could be caused by the organ removal.

Nevertheless it is important to highlight that with one operation you can simultaneously solve the problem of pelvic organs prolapse and the associated urinary and defecation problems.


  • 450 operations performed so far by dott. Tola (July 2018).
  • Duration of the I-POPS: approximately 60 minutes; recovery of 48 hours and convalescence of 7-10 days.
  • Efficacy of the operation: 99% versus the 70% of the traditional techiniques, which are recurrent in the 30% of cases.
  • Patients can be women of all ages, both very young from 25 years old and very old over 90 years old
  • it’s an almost painless technique
  • Recurrence of less than 1%.


Refractive surgery

PRK (Surface ablation)

Dott. Sergio Solarino is a licensed physician and surgeon specialized in ophthalmology and legal medicine.

With his precious team he uses the most modern instrumentation with high professionalism and competence He is a well-known specialist and his job is based on a constant renewal both in cultural and technological terms, investing as much as possible in updating.

Dott. Sergio Solarino and his highly specialized team, combine experience and professionalism, showing attention and care to your eyes!

He personally performed more than 50.000 surgical operations. He is highly appreciated in a national and international panorama thanks to the high level of technologies and techniques used in his treatments as Femtolaser, lasers and excimers and many others. Among the most common treatments: LASIK, femtocataract with premium lens, macular pucker, cornea transplant, CXL for the keratoconus, IPL for the dry eye syndrome.

Plastic Surgery




Mastopexy (breast lift)
Mastopexy with breast augmentation
Mastopexy with breast reduction


Scar removal
Buttock surgery & lifting
Arm lift
Liposuction (liposculpture)
Mini abdominoplasty



Vein legation & stripping
Anus & stomach operations
Hernia operations

Other operations


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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