Wellness Package


Select the Esthetic Medicine treatment you need, and enjoy the amazing proprieties of  thalasso- therapy in the best Resort ever.

Beautique5 Clinique and Forte Village Resort, the best solutions to take care of your beauty in Sardinia.


Beautique5 Clinique is an excellence medical center, unique in Sardinia, guided by a highly specialized medical staff composed of five Medical Doctors, with expertise in in plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgery.

Thanks to their studies and experience in Italy and abroad they can offer their patients the best treatments according to their needs and to their wishes.

Beautique5 Clinique is located in the City Center of Cagliari, main City of Sardinia

Extremely high level of competence of the medical staff working in the Clinique, beautiful design and usage of high technologies make of Beautique5 Clinique the perfect place where you can take care of you, enjoying the beauties of a wonderful Island…Sardinia!

Go through the list below and contact us to get more information on the available treatments!

Laser from €150 to €200 per session

Facial profile changes with fillers from €370 to €650 per session

Treatment of winkles with botulin from €370 to €550

Peeling from €100 to €250

Needling from €170 to €270

Plexr from €150 to €1.500 per session


Forte Village Resort is not only a wonderful Resort in the South Sardinia, it’s an oasis of relax and detox, surrounded by thousand of plants, trees and flowers. In fact the first creator of this unique place had a special desire: no walls, no barriers among the buildings should be visible to clients, only plants, flowers, trees…it’s so amazing, but not possible to describe it with words, you should see this with your own eyes!

And what about its Microclimate?

It’s very interesting to learn that exactly in the place where the Resort and its SPA is located the temperature is higher than in Cagliari (3/4 degrees), in the small towns  around the Resort (2 degrees) and higher than on the beach (1 degree). This makes of the ACQUAFORTE SPA a special place, that gives you the feeling to enter a fable, where each member of the staff will do his/her best to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Here below a few examples.

Thalasso Detox (Lunch included): 4 days €1.490 / 7 days €2.435

Anti-Aging (Lunch included): 4 days €1.395 / 7 days €2.285

Performance Center Programs: 4 days €1.500 / 7 days €2.500

Weight loss (Lunch included): 4 days €1.490 / 7 days €2.435

Stay Healthy (Lunch included): 4 days €1.520 / 7 days €2.435

Don’t hesitate…