Dental Implantology
I Mulini medical center is an excellence in the field of dentistry surgery and especially in implantology.

Implantology is the dentistry discipline which gives back the main functionalities of chewing and together with them a newest bright smile.  The key of success is given by the ability showed by the professional into conducting the operation and the quality of materials used for the implant.  These two aspects are both ensured at the Medical Centre thanks to the professionalism of Doctor Gianmarco Serra and the partnership with Dentsply for the implants and the digital supply chain. In details,, the implant simulates the tooth root in shape and function and once integrated with the bone, works as an anchor for an artificial pillar supporting a single dental crown, a bridge of elements or whatever prosthesis with the function of restorate the correct occlusion.

Despite implantology being a common service in a Dentistry Study of medium complexity, it’s a branch of oral surgery which requires several pre-surgeons checkups before being put in place.

The implant operation must be executed in general good health and oral cavity conditions, with an eye in the presence of cardio-circulatory criticities (valve, hypertension, coagulopathy), hepatic and renal or in presence of significant periodontal infections tat could have weakened and reduced the supporting bone used to integrate the implant.

Smoking must be strictly limited or better avoided and a proper oral hygiene is essential  to keep the results of the prosthesys-implant operation within years.

The medical professionals of the centre make the implantation possible also on on those patients who suffer of bone atrophy. Significant techniques applied, materials ad surgery protocols allow I Mulini’s team to operate even in the absence of the substaining bone. A truly possible innovation.

The same applies to patients with gingival reabsorbtion problems. However, the greatest innovation of the system is the so-called Single Visit Dentistry.

It takes only one day for the patient to have its smile back thanks to a process where, visit, Tac, digital imprint, implant graft, crown production and closing of the entire work last a maximum of 8 hours .

Most common implant  records are the following:

Single tooth on implant

In case of a single tooth loss, implantology allows to preserve the close teeth healthy tissues  building a prosthesys  substituting only the missing tooth.

Bridge on Implants

On case of more elements missing, the creation of a bridge on implants, today is the elective choice in dentistry and perhaps the most  accepted by patients. In fact, when basic favourable conditions occur, the fixed solution is certainly the most popular among patients approaching prosthesis for the first time but also from those with a long mobile rehabilitation story. Nevertheless the bridge allows to achieve an excellent prosthesic result both from aesthetic and mechanical point of view.

All on four, All on six, overdenture

Among the various prosthesic applications possible today thanks to the use of implants as a support, most common are certainly those allowing a complete rehabilitation. These solution differ according to the number of implants applied and are split into:

  • all on four: prosthesis supported by 4 implants
  • all on six: prosthesis exploiting 6 elements
  • overdenture: prosthesis using mandibular implant with attachment to substain a complete prosthesys.
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